Talking About Poetry: Dare to Dream…Change the World

People share with each other the latest gossip concerning celebrities, tv shows, youtube videos,  facebook quizzes — but books are rarely a hot topic. And, if a book is a hot topic among friends or co-workers or random strangers, rarely is that book a book of poetry.

Why? Well I think people have the idea that poetry is  for the college student taking a poetry class or some love-lorn actor in a movie or the pretentious academic roaming through the bookstore hoping to attract attention. But poetry is so much more than the language of love we are taught to think of it as. And never is that more true than with Dare to Dream…Change the World a book of inventors, innovators, world changers; a book of courage, pride, empowerment; And yes, a book of poetry.

Thirty of the most prolific writers — Jane Yolen, Jill Corcoran, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Jacqui Robbins, Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, and Ellen Hopkins just to name a few —  tell the stories of historical figures, dreamers, and risk-takers in this well-thought out collection. Whether you are a teacher, a librarian, a parent, or just a guy commuting to work with some time to kill, Dare to Dream…Change the World has tons to love: from the  rich, reverent, and sometimes raw language and the stories it tells to the absolutely beautiful illustrations and the paired themes each  conveys.

What’s that? You don’t read poetry? You don’t ‘get’ poetry? Poetry doesn’t appeal yo you? I understand that. I do. But this book is different. I promise. Just pick it up and read a few poems. It may make you Dare to Dream or even Change the World.

This week I am participating in Darcy Patterson’s Random Acts of Publicity 2012 campaign. In addition to this blog post, I’ll be tweeting and facebooking about this book and how to talk about it. Want to participate? See details here.


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